2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
Preview of Coming Attractions

Industry "Open Barn", June 12.  We invite our local wine and hospitality peers to join us for from 4-7pm.  This is a great opportunity to sample tasty new-release wines and catch up with your friends and neighbors while trying some of Jim's famous ribs. We'd love to show you what we are up to! Please RSVP to Lynn@jrwinery.com if you can attend.

Public "Open Barn", June 13th.  You don't have to be in wine business to come up from 11-4 and enjoy our Open Barn festivities! We will be BBQing ribs and offerring a chance to taste our wines and explore our Wine Cave. And, we will celebrating our 10th anniversary, don't miss it!

Jug July, July 25th.  This event has become one of our most popular, for good reason.  We will be filling 1/2 gallon and 750ml jugs of zinfandel directly from the barrel for you to take home and enjoy.  Soak up the cool temperatures in our wine cave and enjoy some down-home tunes!  We will be serving up slow-cooked pork with all the fixings, plates will be available for purchase.


Need event details or lodging suggestions?  Contact Lynn directly:  email or call, 707-758-3441.